We are KCCC

Korean Canadian Chamber Concerts 캐나다한인음악협회
Music in our lives 삶 안에 있는 음악

Concerts for the sake of Music 음악을 위한 연주회  

Music worth your while 가치있는 음악
Korean Canadian Chamber Concerts aims to highlight the many professional Korean Canadian musicians in our midst, and to engage and enlighten the community, in intimate concert settings.

KCCC is born out of the former Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra, restructured and streamlined in keeping with the times. As much as symphonic orchestra performances were a labour of love, towards the end of KCSO’s 29-year history, interest in orchestra concerts had
significantly waned. Producing biannual concerts for a 35-plus- piece orchestra outside of civic or educational system took a toll. Now as a chamber concert series, KCCC is a smaller and more adaptable networking group, better focusing on promoting worthy musicians of our community and beyond.

The wondrous art of pure music performance is being continuously eroded in our society. We of the passionately music-loving Korean Canadian community, strive to collaborate, program, and showcase our virtuosi in approachable performances that are a notch above.
음악적으로 더욱 다양하고 더욱 많은 한국계 전문음악인들이 공유할 수 있는 실내악 시리즈



It was heartbreaking to fold the Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra, a Toronto and Korean Canadian institution for close to 30 years.

However, music still continues.

KCCC is formed as a society of professional musicians of Korean Canadian descent. There are so many wonderful KC musicians raised and trained in Canada, now matured and longing to re-connect to our roots. There are also numerous new Canadians, incredibly talented musicians, who left their established careers behind, and are finding it near impossible to get a foothold in the Canadian culture scene.  KCCC's new start is spearheaded jointly by accomplished and versatile Torontonian violinist of Toronto Concert Orchestra Sharon Lee, percussionist KwangWon Kim, who was principal of Korea's most exciting Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra until moving to Canada this February, and Sylvia Kim, freelance musician and flutist of the former KCSO.
KCCC will carry on the vision of KCSO, albeit on a smaller scale, to be a network of such professionals and venue for likeminded collaborators. On the surprisingly culturally remote North York corridors of Yonge St. - the 'new Koreatown' - we are delighted to partner with the intimate space of beautifully renovated St George on Yonge, to bring the worldly culture of Korean Canadian musicians closer to you.

30년 가까이 토론토 사회의 자랑이었던 캐나다한인교향악단은  안타깝게도 고별을 고하였지만, 음악은 계속됩니다.

비영리 단체인 캐나다한인교향악단 산하에 재편성된 캐나다한인음악협회 Korean Canadian Chamber Concerts는, 운영이 좀 더 수월한 작은 실내악 편성의 연주 시리즈로, 교향악단 보다 더욱 다양하고 더욱 많은 한국계 전문음악인들이 공유할 수 있는 무대로 새출발합니다.  KCSO의 본 취지를 이어 받아 KCCC 또한 한국계 프로 연주자들이 한인사회에 적을 둘 수 있고, 이민 후 이 곳 음악계 참여를 주저하는 음악인들의 발판이 되고자 합니다.