Concerts 35

Date:                 November 03, 2007

Venue:               George Weston Recital Hall(Toronto Centre for the Arts)

Time:                 8:00 pm

Soloists:             Dennis Kim(violin), Elissa Lee(violin), Danny Yoo(violin),

Dale Kim(viola), Sue Bae(cello), Susannah Chung(cello)

Programme:       Each player will play a piece about 7 – 8 minutes long Symphony

Conductor:        Richard Lee, music director of  KCSO

Concert 35 was a gala concert in celebration of 20th anniversary year of foundation of KCSO.  Six players have been selected from our past members directory they all came and played at this very special occasion.  Six soloists will joined the orchestra in the second half of the concert to play a symphony together.  We also included a piece that will be played with youth orchestra members as part of a celebration since KCSO started as a youth orchestra 20 years ago.