Unification Concert

Unification Concert
Date/Time: March 28, 2009, 8:00 p.m.

Singing Freedom through the Keys – Pianist, Cheol-Woong Kim

Pianist Cheol-Woong Kim received exceptional arts education for the gifted and graduated from North Korea’s most elite fine arts university, Pyeong Yang Music and Dance University, in 1996. He continued his career as a pianist by acquiring an unfamiliar career record as head pianist in the North Korea Symphony Orchestra in 1998. During his studies abroad in the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow, the world of music captivated and led him to dream about freedom. His dream of freedom eventually came true as he came down to South Korea in 2003. Before he dreamed of freedom, he knew the piano more than he knew the world. He became a musician who solely spoke and sung through his piano.

Even though he is becoming renowned as a North Korean refugee pianist, his love for the piano is still being restricted from the world of politics. Nevertheless, because he knows he has a whole life ahead of him to fulfill, he firmly believes of fascinating and popularizing his identity to the world through his music.

He performs in an ample amount of North Korean charity concerts to tell the world of the severity of human rights in North Korea. Not only that, he is also performing in countries such as Norway, Australia, London, America to convey the meaning of freedom through his music.

With the grant of a new life, pianist Cheol-Woong is a musician attentive to the sound of freedom and rediscovering the true meaning of life in aspects to his music and religious belief. To put into reality his calling as a pianist, he will continue to perform for his belief and for those who still dream of freedom.